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InuYasha sighed stubbornly; he wasn’t sick, he doesn’t get sick. But he couldn’t help but think that Kagome was right as he sneezed once more, feeling a bit lightheaded as he jumped into the well after her.

Kagome smiled as the warmth of the time slip surrounded her along with the usual blue light. She smiled as she felt her feet hit solid ground again.

InuYasha stood next to her in the well that was now in Kagome’s time. “C’mon.” He said, picking her up bridal style that made not only Kagome blush but him as well.

He jumped out of the well easily but for some reason stumbled when his feet hit the ground.

Kagome got out of his arms, her smile and blush fading as he put her hand to his head again. “C’mon, you probably have more then a cold if your fever is this bad.” She muttered.

InuYasha just said “Feh” In response as Kagome pulled him by the arm out of the well shrine.

Kagome pulled him back towards her house but didn’t get very far before her brother Souta came over; as usual he was kicking his soccer ball.

“Hey InuYasha!” He said, looking at his new hero that was being dragged towards their house by his sister.

Kagome looked at him “Hey Souta can you go get mom? Tell her I have InuYasha up in my room and that he’s a bit sick.” She said.

Souta nodded, once more dropping the soccer ball to the ground and starting over towards the house once more, disappearing inside.

“I’m not that sick Kagome! And I’ll get over it.” InuYasha muttered, tired of being treated like a kid.

Kagome just sighed, shaking her head and ignoring his comment as she dragged him into the house and up the stairs.

InuYasha grumbled under his breath about her always calling him the stubborn one but it ended with yet another sneeze.

The hanyou walked into her room and sat down on the ground Indian-style and the Tetsusaiga (Wh00t! I spelled it right! XD –does hamster dance-) between his arms slanted sideways off his shoulder.

Kagome couldn’t help but smile at this; he always looked so cute when he was in a stubborn mood. She sighed and put her yellow over-stuffed book bag on the ground and took out her clothes that had either been ripped, or covered in blood, and then put them in the laundry hamper.

InuYasha watched her as always as she emptied out her book bag; it amazed him how much she could possibly carry. He sneezed again and leaned up against the wall, feeling lightheaded once again. Why was he suddenly so dizzy and weak? He had never been this sick before.

Kagome looked at him, halfway through putting new clothes in her bag. “InuYasha, why don’t you lie down on my bed and get some sleep? You’re sick and you’re just going to have to deal with it until you get better, which WON’T happen unless you get some rest.” She said, folding her arms at him.

“Feh, I’m not tired.” InuYasha said, still stubborn and refusing to admit that he was sick.
Kagome scowled at his stubbornness but then sighed. She smiled in a way that made InuYasha feel even more afraid then before.

She smiled, walking over and then sitting down next to him. Her hands went to his ears and started rubbing the silky fur on them.

InuYasha’s ears twitched instinctively, making Kagome giggle as she continued to rub his ears.
“Hey! Gerrof me!” He said, but Kagome still had his ears in her hands and if he was going to struggle or move away from her his ears would probably still stay with Kagome.

Kagome smiled “Gonna go to sleep now?” She asked, enjoying this and she knew InuYasha was too, even if he was too stubborn to admit it.

“I’m not tired!” InuYasha said; he felt Kagome’s fingers trace over a part of his ear and he soon found himself laughing.

Kagome blinked in confusion “You’re ticklish?” She said, her evil smile returning.

“I’m not ticklish!” InuYasha said furiously, his face a slight pink now.

Kagome grinned “You are…” She said, before rubbing that spot on his ears again, making him go into hysterics once more.

“S-stop it already!” InuYasha choked, still laughing.

“Nope!” Kagome giggled, easily pushing him down so he couldn’t attempt to shove her off.


“There are no rules in a tickling war.”

“S-stupid game.”

“You know you like laughing; you should do it more often.”

“I don’t like l-laughing that m-much; and I l-laugh enough!”

“When was the last time you laughed?”

“H-how the hell should I k-know?”

“My point proven!”

“W-would you just get o-off me!?”

“You should already no the answer to that.”

InuYasha growled, despite his laughing. But an evil smile came onto his face as he put his arms around Kagome and started to tickle her as well.

“What the- h-hey stop it! I’m t-ticklish!” Kagome screamed, laughing even more now, but still managing to tickle him.

“Not until you s-stop tickling m-me!”

Kagome smiled “Never!” She said, laughing as InuYasha tickled her even more.

“F-Fine then! But you know t-that you’re going t-to be the f-first to s-stop!”

“Somehow I d-doubt that, you’re tired and you k-know it!”

“No I’m n-not!”

“Yes y-you are!”

“N-No I’m not!”

“Yes y-you are and y-you’re going to g-get some sleep even i-if I have to say the ‘S’ w-word!”

(Lemme just say that I’m sorry I’m making them stutter so much, but if you’ve ever been in a tickle fight you know how hard it is to speak straight!)

“If y-you do I’ll end up c-crushing you as well!”

“Ah, I f-forgot about that!”

“How c-could you forget that?! You’ve o-only sent me c-crashing into the ground m-more times then I c-can count!”

“W-Well it’s k-kinda hard to concentrate with y-you tickling m-me!”

“Then g-give up already!”

“N-Nope! Not until y-you agree to g-go to sleep!”

“Then w-we’re going t-to be here a while…”

“F-Fine! I give up!” Kagome squealed, as she stopped tickling the hanyou’s ears.

InuYasha grinned, letting go of Kagome and falling onto the ground, tired out.

Kagome sighed and fell back as well, every now and then letting out a small giggle. After gaining her breath again she sat up. “InuYasha you need to laugh more often.” She said, still smiling, but frowned when she found that the hanyou was now asleep.

“I knew you were tired.” She said. Kagome walked over and dug through her closet, pulling out a blanket and pillow, knowing that there was no way in hell that she would be able to get him on her bed. She gently was able to put the pillow under his head and the blanket over him.

InuYasha twitched slightly in his sleep, moving over on his side. “Thanks Kagome…” He muttered, before falling asleep once more.

Kagome blinked ‘Did he just thank me? He must be really sick.’ She thought, sighing and continuing to pack her yellow backpack before sitting down next to InuYasha, smiling.

He always looked so peaceful when he was sleeping, he’s usually frowning or being stubborn, but he looks so sweet when he’s calm and sleeping…

Kagome stopped herself, shaking her head ‘What am I thinking? He doesn’t love me; his heart is with Kikyou… even if I do love him there’s nothing I can do about it. Even if he loves Kikyou I’ll still love him… I can’t stop. And maybe one day I’ll tell him that, when I have enough courage to tell him that is…’ She thought, but was soon interrupted by her mother knocking on the door.
Soooo shhooooort T__T sorry about that...

Me dosen't own InuYasha, don't sue...

Miko: Priestess
Haori: InuYasha's awesomeness-jacket
Hakama: InuYasha's awesomeness pants
Hanyou: Half-demon
Hiori: A stupid typo I make a lot, same thing as Haori x_X
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Wolfiekins Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2005
Good plot line. But there's a few words you could take out, some of it sounds like you're trying to hard. It's not too bad, but there are a couple things you could change.

I'm sorry I'll stop :sarcasticclap... I get carried away ;) I like to edit stories and poems. YOu ever need one edited- I'm your girl! :boogie:


mimblewimble Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2005
Thanks for the tip ^^ yeah this was before I had microsoft word, so there's probably a lot of spelling errors too. That would be really great ^^ don't be suprised if I end up noting you then ;)
Wolfiekins Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2005
Alright, gimme a bit :). I won't worry about spelling (I don't have word either and my spelling is shit) lmbo. I'll start a edit of the first one... I do love the story line :D


mimblewimble Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2005
Thanks ^^ :hug:
KC-Whitestar Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2005
TICKLE WARS!! WOOTAGE!! XD Great work! I love it!! :+fav:
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